Yuvan gets ready for Hollywood venture

Yuvan gets ready for Hollywood venture

Yuvan Shankar is all set to test waters in Hollywood with the film, Woolfell directed by Prabhakaran Hariharan.

In a recent chat on the social media, the music composer said that the filmmakers are on the verge of finalizing the star cast for their film and once done, will soon start working on the music for it.

Hariharan had confirmed to the media that Yuvan has come on board for the project. Hariharan wants to premiere the film at Sundance Film Festival in 2016.

He said that his film is about “a futuristic world. Humans evolve to become robots and what follows is a political drama. The lead character is a robot called Ivan Drago. Yuvan has finished scoring the team track for Drago”.

The director has said Yuvna has already composed music for the teaser and theme music for the protagonist of the film, Ivan Drago. The film has no songs but the team is contemplating a promotional song.

The first look of the film was released months ago. Set in the future, the film deals about human evolution into robot and the post political problems of such evolution.