Yenni Thuniga movie review


Jai is after a gang that accidentally shoots his girlfriend Athulya during a shootout that happens when they are robbing a jewellery store.

The robbers are after valuable diamonds that belong to a gangster Suresh Subramanian in the US, that a corrupt minister Sunil Reddy has stashed away in the store. The only hope for Jai at knowing their identity is a woman who they have left for dead.

Meanwhile, the head of the robbers Vamsi Krishna has a different problem to solve because the diamonds that they stole have gone missing and the gangster, for whom he works, is getting restless. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Vettriselvan takes his own time to establish the characters in the movie. The screenplay is as complicated which makes it difficult to keep track of the proceedings.

Song placement and a few scenes could have been avoided which would have made the movie all the more crispier to watch. Jai delivers a subtle performance as Kathir.

However, his character arc could have been better.

Rest of the cast including Athulya Ravi, Anjali Nair, Vidhya, Sunil Reddy and Vamsi have done their part well.

Sam CS makes a mark with his BGM and rest of the technical aspects are good.

Rating: 3.2/5