Year ender quote on aviation industry: By InterGlobe Air Transport

Mr. Siddhanta Sharma, President & CEO, InterGlobe Air Transport  on the developments witnessed in aviation market in 2019 and expectations for the coming year.

“Indian aviation market witnessed an eventful year, where a prominent Indian carrier shut down its operations after 25 years of serving the country while others scaled to new heights, traversing the conventional bounds of this industry. Although the transitory vacuum created in the domestic capacity was filled in swiftly by the local airlines, the one created on the international side would be slow to fill and, to some extent, may be rationalized at lower capacity levels. Concurrently, ticket prices have also firmed up, thus making it more attractive for European and North American carriers to start services to India to make the best use of the void and establish a foothold in this promising market. 2020 is likely to see a stabilization of both capacity and fares, giving the airlines a clearer vision of the opportunities from the Indian market.”