Writer Babu Tamizh on “Jiivi”

Across the ages, ‘Content is King’ has been the hugely accepted theory and following them ardently have yielded finest results. With the season overwhelming with such unique tales that are interwoven with freshness, script writer Babu Tamizh has already become popular for the kind of stunning response that “Jiivi” has gained for him. While the film is scheduled for release on June 28, 2019, script writer Babu Tamizh shares some interesting elements about his writing process. 

“Having tried my best to get into filmmaking, I had to go back to my native place due to some personal commitments. During that point of time, I firmly realized one thing that unique and different scripts alone will get welcomed and recognized. Eventually, I started ideating on same and that’s how the origin of “Jiivi” happened. The concept of ‘Human connectivity’ took me by huge interest, which I tried implementing it as the major premise in this film. Aftermath the narration, I approached my close friend-director VJ Gopinath, who was looking out for opportunity to make a film. I wanted to gain experience on the directorial grounds and hence thought of being associated with him. After meeting several actors for more than couple of years, we finally happened to meet Vetri. Although he was impressed with the script, it took some time for us to convince his father-producer Velappandian sir, who finally gave a nod to the project,” says Babu Tamizh. 

So how does he feel after watching the final output helmed by VJ Gopinath? “I am completely happy and satisfied to see my script find a perfect celluloid version. Most of the times, it happens that scripts undergo lots of changes from the respective directors, whereas Gopinath completely respected my work and has given the best in materializing it without making any changes. Yes, we did have a joint effort in simplifying the screenplay as we wanted the audience to understand the dramatic proceedings easily. Be it the protagonist’s role by Vetri or the character of Mani essayed by Karunakaran, everyone has impeccably done a fabulous job.” 

A fantasy-thriller by genre, Jiivi is directed by VJ Gopinath and is produced by M.Vellapandian, V. Sudalaikan Vellapandian and V. Subramanian Vellapandian for Vetrivel Saravana Cinemas. Vetri, Monica Chinnakotla, Ashwin Chandrashekar, Rohini, Karunakaran, Rama, Mime Gopi and others will be seen in prominent characters.