Women’s equality is non-negotiable: Bumble reveals 86% of single Indians claim women’s equality is an essential deciding factor in dating

Equal pay is vital for 53% of single Indians when dating someone

In India, millennials and Gen Z are becoming increasingly vocal and expressive about their stance on women’s rights and gender equality, especially when it comes to dating. This World Equality Day, Bumble, the women-first dating app, revealed that 86% of single Indians believe that women’s equality is an essential deciding factor while dating someone; as many as 72% believe in equality of rights as per their recent nationwide survey.

Over the years, different generations battling rigid gender stereotypes are starting to demand change in their own ways. About 30% of single Indians say they won’t date someone who doesn’t believe in gender equality and women’s rights. Single Indians, particularly Gen Z, believe in the importance of equal pay and want to have conversations around these topics with their potential partners. 53% of single Indians claim equal pay is an important consideration when they choose to date someone.

As we evolve collectively as a society, it’s hopeful to see how today’s millennials and GenZ in India are looking to connect with someone for whom issues such as gender equality, fighting sexism and equal pay are a priority in forming meaningful relationships. As per our recent study, more single Indians are likely to talk openly about equal pay and women’s rights with their partners and are unlikely to date someone who is sexist”, shared Samarpita Samaddar, Communications Director, Bumble India.