Witness Fairy Tales Coming to Life at Phoenix Marketcity’s very own Holidayland !

Providing a mesmerizing summer experience, Phoenix MarketCityhas transformed itself into a magical Holidayland with dreamlike installations of popular characters from fairy tales!

From spiraling down into Alice’s wonderland to sharing a basket of apples with Red Riding hood while running away from the big bad wolf, the surrealistic décor installations at Phoenix MarketCity’sare an absolute visual treat to escape from the reality. Also, be sure to stop by and look-out for a gleaming Pinocchio, as he rides on the dolphin with his aquatic friends.

Adding to the magic of Holidayland, Phoenix MarketCity has set up an exclusive library at the lower ground floor for the kids, wherein they can read and enjoy various fables. And that’s not all,exciting gift vouchers worth ₹1000 are up for grabs on purchase of bill value of ₹5000 at the mall.

Don’t forget to take out the cameras to capture beautiful moments with your favourite character and share it with the world!

Head over to Phoenix MarketCity to create beautiful memories at Holidayland!!

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