With 76,472 new cases, India’s Covid case tally crosses 34 lakh mark

India recorded 76,472 new Covid cases & 1,021 deaths in the last 24 hours taking the country’s tally to cross 34 lakh mark. Total deaths due to the virus have now risen to 62,550.

Today is the 159th day since India implemented a nationwide lockdown, to help curb the novel coronavirus pandemic. So far, India has recorded 34,63,972 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 62,550 deaths. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have reported the highest number of cases.

However, infections are rising rapidly in states like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Yet, India’s recovery rate continues to rise and now stands at 76.5 percent.

The popular belief is that women are far less likely to be affected by covid-19. But, according to reports, mounting evidence points to the hidden toll that covid-19 could be taking on women in India.

When the results of the second round of Delhi’s SARS-CoV2 sero-prevalence survey were released last week, one finding stood out: the prevalence of infections was higher among women than among men. This is not the first sero-survey to have found this. The Mumbai and Ahmedabad sero-surveys had similar findings, the magnitude of the gap being higher in Mumbai. The Pune sero-survey did not find such a gap.

All MPs including ministers and everyone else entering the parliament premises during the monsoon session starting on September 16 will have to undergo the COVID-19 test. Decision to this effect was taken in a meeting chaired by Lok Sabha Speaker Om with senior officers and experts of health ministry, AIIMS, ICMR, DRDO, and health department of Delhi on Friday to give final shape to preparations for the session.

Meanwhile, there will be no lockdown or shutdown in force in the cities conducting JEE NEE 2020 Examinations in Odisha from August 30 and September 7 and from September 12 and 14, the State Government.has said.