Will Rajini enter politics or not

Will Rajini enter politics or not?

Superstar Rajinikanth on Monday said his entry into politics is in the hands of the God. “If I take political plunge in future, I will not allow near me those who want to make money,” he said.

Dressed in a black kurta, Rajnikanth told 700 fans at Chennai’s Raghavendra Wedding Hall that he has no political aspirations, but will consider it “if it is God’s will.”

“God decides what we have to do in life. Right now, he wants me to be an actor and I’m fulfilling my responsibility. If God wills it, I will enter politics tomorrow,” he said.

“I did a mistake by supporting a political alliance 21 years ago. It was a political accident. Since then, politicians have misused my name on several occasions. But I have to clarify, I’m not joining any party,” he added.

The superstar said some parties have claimed his support for votes. “They have associated my name with politics and some parties drag my name with money too. Some parties, for votes, even claimed I have supported them. That’s why I have clarified that I don’t support anyone. And nobody has my backing,” he said.

“Take care of your family and children. Don’t waste your life by smoking and drinking. Drinking and smoking not only affects your health but also your decision making ability. I have been affected enough so please take my advice seriously,” he added.