Why Simbu’s Maanaadu dropped?

Simbu aka STR is no more a part of the much-anticipated political thriller Maanadu, a film that directorVenkat Prabhu announced last year.

Producer Suresh Kamakshi said, “It didn’t take off the way we had planned and we couldn’t execute it. It’s better to part ways now rather than push it later.”

The film was announced last year and was supposed to go on the floors in February. When rumours about the film being shelved made the rounds, producer Suresh Kamakshi had announced that the film was still on and that pre-production work was under way.

In fact, Simbu was said to have shed oodles of weight to look his part and is kicked about the script of Maanadu. He went to London for martial arts training, and after his return, he went to work for his cameo role in Hansika’s Maha.

Upset over the frequent delays, Suresh Kamatchi announced on Thursday that STR would no longer be a part of the project. In a press release, the producer said that despite repeated attempts, there were only delays and no sign of the film going on floors. And to ensure that his relationship with STR doesn’t sour, he has chosen to drop the actor from the project.

The producer later said, “The project isn’t dropped. We will be making Maanaadu with another hero. It is only STR who will not be a part of it. The rest of the cast and crew will remain in the project.”

Venkat Prabhu said, “It’s very unfortunate that I couldn’t work with my brother #str in #maanaadu Everything is time-bounded. Considering the amount of emotional and financial pressure that the producer is going through, I have to respect the decision taken by the producer. Thanks for all the love.”