Why Rajinikanth drove Lamborghini?

Superstar Rajinikanth is trending on Twitter which is totally unplanned. His fans are going gaga over the recent picture of Rajinikanth, which is going super viral.

In a picture that’s doing the rounds on social media, superstar Rajinikanth is seen driving a supercar Lamborghini. He can be seen wearing a mask as per the government rules and also wearing a seat belt for safety.

Just like how he stays simple in his dressing away from film, the star actor was seen dressed up in white as usual. The picture has gone viral over the internet and has been garnering a lot of attention among the fans.

Sources said it was a new car bought by his elder daughter Aishwarya R Dhanush and Rajinikanth took it from his Poes Garden residence in Chennai to his farmhouse at Kelambakkam on the outskirts of the city on a test drive.

At the audio launch of Darbar in January 2020, Rajinikanth took us back to the time he was shamed by a producer and how the incident pushed him to become the Superstar.

“I had done a few films until that point, but it was Parattai (Rajini’s character in the film) that took me to the nooks and crannies of Tamil Nadu,” Rajini recollected.

At this time, a producer (whose name the actor did not reveal) approached him with an offer for a “good character role” in a film with another actor in the lead.

“I had the dates. So, we discussed the remuneration. I started the bargaining at ₹10,000, and eventually settled for ₹6,000. And, it was a practice to pay a token sum as advance, whether ₹100 or ₹200. I asked for ₹1,000 as advance, and the producer said that he did not have any money on him then. He told me that he’d pay the advance when the production manager would come around the next day to formalise the agreement,” Rajini said.

“I went to the shoot and I still didn’t get my advance salary. The production manager told me that the hero had arrived and asked me to sit for the make-up. I refused. I told him that I won’t proceed without getting Rs 1,000,” Rajinikanth explained.

After this incident, he saw the producer arriving at the AVM Studios in Chennai in an ambassador car. Rajini continued his speech, “He was furious. He asked me, ‘Are you a big artist or what? Just because you had done a few films, won’t you sit for make-up without advance? No character for you. Get out’.”

Rajinikanth then asked the producer to drop him at his home in a car, but the producer asked him to go on his own. “I didn’t have money on me and I walked back home”, he said.

, “But… that day I decided that if, one day, I do not come down this road to AVM Studios, sitting inside a foreign car with one leg over the other… then I’m not Rajinikanth!”

Two-and-a-half years passed, and the star paid ₹4.25 lakh for an Italian-made Fiat car owned by the proprietors of AVM Studios. After a few weeks, we found an Anglo-Indian driver named Robinson. He was 6 feet tall. When he arrived, I immediately asked a tailor to come home and take his measurements for a uniform. He wore the uniform with a belt and a cap.

Explaining further, Rajinikanth ordered him to take him to AVM Studios. “Robinson opened the back door for me to sit. With one leg over the other, I was sitting royally. My car entered AVM Studios and Robinson parked the car where the producer used to park. I got down and smoked two cigarettes. Many thought the Governor had come. Then, I went to see KB (K Balachander) at his home in Alwarpet,” he concluded his inspiring story.