Why Ajith issued legal statement?

Ajith is well known for keeping a low profile and focus on his family and his passions and always promotes peace and positivity which is what inspires millions of youngsters to rever him.

His office has issued a legal notice against fraudulent persons who have been claiming to represent Thala Ajith in Kollywood and trying to make business dealings.

It is said that some people were misusing Ajith’s name and collecting money from parents for medical seats in private colleges to their wards.

Also, a few were involved in holding discussions for his ‘upcoming fims’ without his approval or notice, sources said and added that this prompted Ajith to request his lawyer to issue the notice.

“We are the legal counsels for Actor Shri. Ajith Kumar (herein after referred to as “our client”) and we hereby issue this public notice under his instructions and on his behalf.

It has come to our client’s attention that there are individuals who claim to be associated with or represent our client for his professional and business dealings. Our client would like to reiterate that Mr. Suresh Chandra, who has been our client’s agent for the last several years is the sole authorized person appointed by our client to represent and or/act on his behalf for our client’s professional and commercial engagements.

Should anyone have information about any other individual or entity that claims to act on behalf of or represent our client please notify Mr. Suresh Chandra. Our client will not be held responsible for any such unauthorized dealings and request the general public and others to be cautious before dealing with such unauthorized person,” said the legal notice from Ajith’s advocate.