When Jyothika accessed Suriya’s Twitter account

Jyothika has spoken about various things at a promotional event of her upcoming film Raatchasi held in Chennai.

“I don’t have a Twitter account but through my husband Suriya’s page, I saw that some people have called me Lady Samuthirakani and they also said Raatchasi is the next Saattai,” she said.

Jyothika added: “Yes, the message dealt in films like Saattai, Pallikoodam and Raatchasi is common but the topic is very important to our society so it doesn’t matter even if a hundred films are made with the same theme.”

According to Jyothika, there are many big budget commercial films with same stories where the hero romances multiple heroines and does the same stunt but no one dares talk about such films.

She stated further: “Students in Government schools don’t have the platform to enrich themselves to face NEET exams. We have talked about such issues and what we can do to create awareness in Raatchasi”.

“I voluntarily approached Dream Warrior Pictures to produce this films because many content driven small films which released under their banner went on to become hits,” she said.