What's wrong with Jai?

What’s wrong with Jai?

With the producer of Balloon leveling allegations against Jai, the actor has denied it and the producer of his upcoming film Jarugandi has come to his support.

Balloon producers Nandakumar and Arun Balaji have now filed a complaint against Jai at the Tamil Film Producers Council.

According to the producers, they started Balloon in June 2016 and had plans to release the film in January 2017 but the lack of professionalism in Jai has caused twelve months delay. “He never came to the sets on time, had drinking issues and tortured us. At one point, our director Sinish was forced to commit suicide”, mentioned the producers in their complaint.

Jai has responded to the allegations that were slammed at him. The actor has said that there is no truth to the claims and that it was a personal attack which maligned his name. The actor also added that he was always punctual on the sets.

Badri Kasturi, one of the producers of Jai’s upcoming film Jarugandi says that he finds it weird to read about the issues raised against the actor.

“Dear @Actor_Jai congrats on the success of Ballon. Reading the speculations in ballon I find it very weird and I haven’t seen any delay or unprofessional approach in the journey of making #Jarugandi Things will fall in place. My best wish to you,” he tweeted.

According to the producers of Balloon, “Actor Jai does not possess the qualities of hard work, caring about one’s work, respect, discipline, keeping one’s word. From the shooting spot to dubbing, Jai’s torture made the director suicidal when we were shooting in Kodaikanal. Other artistes were witness to this along with us.”