What’s wrong between Mysskin-Vishal?

Director Mysskin’s Thupparivaalan starring Vishal and Prasanna, which was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, turned out one of the most talked-about films in Kollywood. Cashing on the film’s popularity, Mysskin announced the film’s sequel with the same cast.

The shooting had begun a few months back in London, and some major portions of the film were shot in that scheduled. Now, the latest reports suggest that Vishal will be directing Thupparivalan 2, after his conflict with Mysskin.

It is said that Mysskin had asked Vishal for higher remuneration for Thupparivalan 2. However, Vishal refused to do so because of the budget constraints. Unhappy with the decision, Mysskin has called it quits.

Reportedly, Mysskin had asked Rs 40 crore more than the stipulated budget and Vishal couldn’t offer it. The actor-producer said that he will not be able to shell out a huge sum based on his current situation.

Hence, this has caused a rift between the duo which resulted in Mysskin backing away from the project. It is rumoured that Vishal will direct the remaining portions of Thupparivaalan 2. However, there has been no official announcement on the same.

Prasanna and Vishal are reprising their roles as Manohar and Kanniyan Poongundran in this sequel, which is also expected to feature senior actors like Rahman and Gauthami.

Thupparivaalan, which was released in 2017 starring Vishal and Prasanna and directed by Mysskin, was inspired by Sherlock Holmes. The film was critically acclaimed besides becoming a hit. The success of the film propelled its producer Vishal to announce a sequel with the same cast with Mysskin helming the direction.