What’s next for Mugen after Bigg Boss victory?

Malaysia-based singer Mugen Rao was announced as the winner of the third season of the Tamil reality TV show Bigg Boss on Sunday night.

He received a winner’s cheque of Rs 50 lakh. Dancer and choreographer Sandy was the first runner up. Anchored by Kamal Haasan, the show lasted for 105 days and began with 16 contestants, of which four made it to the final week.  

The finale was a gala affair. Fans of Bigg Boss Tamil were waiting for this day with bated breath and the whole episode was a nail-biting affair for every fan. Sandy, who regularly commences the show with a power-packed performance dedicated to the show in the grand finale during the previous seasons, was seen as a contestant this season.  

A special set of awards were given by Kamal Haasan to the contestants. Kavin was given the ‘Game Changer’ award while ‘Guts and Grit’ was awarded to Vanitha. ‘The Most Disciplined’ award was given to Cheran. Sherin was awarded ‘The Best Buddy in the House’ while Tharsan was declared as ‘The All-rounder’. Kamal Haasan surprised all, when he announced that he has signed Tharsan with his production house Raaj Kamal Films International.

A total of 20 crore votes was recorded in the finals polls, of which winner Mugen Rao received over 7 crore votes. From among the five finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil’s season 3 – Mugen Rao, Sandy Master, Losliya Mariyanesan and Sherin Shringar – it was finally a fight between Mugen and Sandy.

Mugen has already revealed that he has proposed his love interest Nadiah and is awaiting her reply. Yasmin Nadiah is an actor and martial artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mugen and Nadiah worked together for a Malaysian film as well and have been friends ever since. According to sources, Mugen will pursue acting and singing career henceforth.

The third season of Bigg Boss Tamil finally came to an end after a stint of 105 days. There’s no doubt that this season has garnered more love and fame on social media than the last two seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil.