What’s happening inside Bigg Boss house?

The weekend episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 was filled with glimpses of Sandy and Kavin’s performance and then there was the eviction of Sakshi. 

Sandy won the captaincy task and hence is now the captain of the Bigg Boss house for this week. It should be noted that this is the first time that Sandy will captain the housemates.

The seventh week of the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 3 had one eviction and one elimination. On Monday, the organisers eliminated actor Saravanan from the show after his flippant confession of having sexually harassed women on buses during an episode in the previous week. 

Though the actor registered his unconditional apology during another episode, the producers of the show took this action following widespread criticism by netizens, including celebrities such as Chinmayi Sripada.

The seventh week in the show concluded with Sakshi’s elimination.The actor had managed to be in the game in the last couple of weeks although the audience at large had been keen to see her out.

Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the most loved and watched reality TV shows in South. Hosted by Kamal Haasan, the third and latest season is having a great run so far. 

The first episode premiered on 23rd June and 6 contestants have already been eliminated. The game show focuses on celebs who are isolated in a house cut off from the rest of the world. They participate in tasks and deal with each other, whether they like someone or not.

As a celebration of 50 days-long-journey, the housemates were treated with grand dinner. Bigg Boss informed that, the Kamal Haasan has completed 60 years in the film industry. 

An audiovisual presentation is shown in the house appreciating his achievement. Kasthuri feels elated since she shared the screen with Kamal Haasan.