What Kamal Kajal have to say about 1MeToo

What Kamal, Kajal have to say about #MeToo?

With #MeToo movement gaining momentum and many top personalities facing sexual harassment charges, Kamal Haasan and Kajal Aggarwal have reacted to it.

Speaking to reporters, Kamal said that those who are accused in the #MeToo allegations should come and speak.

He said: “Only the accused should come out and speak. It would be inappropriate for others to comment on the allegations.”

The actor and founder of Makkal Needhi Maiam added: “#MeToo movement is a welcoming change provided if it goes in the right direction with honesty.”

He also said: “The movement should not be disturbed with false accusations. This society has handled many women related issues ever since Kannagi days.”

While Kajal Aggarwal has said that it takes tremendous courage for someone to face their demons and she extended her support to all the women who are standing up for themselves.

In a tweet, the Thupakki and Vivegam actress said, “It takes tremendous courage to face your demons and speak up. I support all the women who’re standing up for themselves & for their integrity.”

She added: “Cannot fathom the horror ANY sort of unwanted advances must’ve left on the minds&souls of all these brave women who’ve spoken up #MeToo.”