Weekend special show Chinna ‘Kalaivaanar’ Vivek

29 August 2021


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‘ChinnaKalaivaanar Vivek’

Actor Vivek.  The name that speaks volumes about intellectual comedy that theactor had been ruling the Tamil film industry for more than three decades.  The sudden demise of the actor in the recent past had caused immense grievances amongst his fans all over the world.  STAR VIJAY along with his family, friends and peoplefrom Tamil film industry pays respectful tribute to the actor in this special show.  ‘ChinnaKalaivaanar Vivekis an over-all ‘celebration’ of the actor predominantly with actors, technicians, comedians,who had worked with him during his tenure.  His family members were so gracious to be part of this show, who have shared their cherishing memories of the actor Vivek.  Along with them ‘Vijay Stars’ family as well joins this special occasion to celebrate the actor and have come up with innovative comedies and many other fascinating performances as a mark of tribute to him.

The show airs on Sunday 29 August 2021 at 3 pm only on STAR VIJAY.  Don’t miss to watch the overwhelming memories that is being shared by his family and friends on ‘ChinnaKalaivaanar Vivek’.