Amit Shah in Chennai

Vote for BJP, we will work for Tamil pride: Amit Shah

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will soon form the government in Tamil Nadu, party president Amit Shah said at a meeting of party workers in Chennai on Monday evening.

Addressing a gathering of party cadres from various districts and Puducherry, Shah’s speech largely focused on resisting a “false campaign” against the BJP in Tamil Nadu and to list out the number of schemes and money spent by the NDA government in the state.

The BJP is trying to strengthen itself in South India and also forge alliances with regional parties ahead of the 2019 general elections.

“The discussions regarding forging alliance with parties in the state will happen around September-October,” Shah said.

“There is a false campaign against BJP in Tamil Nadu. Let me tell you, BJP is the only party that can protect Tamil culture and Tamil language,” he said, recalling that it was the Narendra Modi government that first introduced railway tickets in Tamil.

“Let me promise you, if BJP is elected to power in Tamil Nadu, Tamil pride will go beyond the borders, reaching across India,” Shah said.

“Maybe Tamil Nadu is one of the states with maximum corruption… Every voter should join BJP to make Tamil Nadu a corruption-free state,” he added.