Visithran movie review


RK Suresh is a former cop who is affected by the incidents of his past.

Following the death of his daughter and subsequent separation from his wife Poorna, he resorts to drinking and chain smoking.

Soon, he gets the news of Poorna’s accident and visits the spot.

He realises the similarity between Poorna’s accident and his daughter’s accident.

He starts investigating the accidents and finds a pattern.

Why did these accidents take place, was Suresh able to find out the reason behind these accidents forms the rest of the story.


R K Suresh has delivered an intense performance as a former cop who suffers a personal loss.

The hardwork, Suresh has done to get into the skin of the character is visible on the screen.

The intensity with which he proceeds with the investigation is really engaging.

Director M Padmakumar has done a decent job to keep the proceedings interesting and entertaining.

However, the emotional bonding between Suresh and his family could have been established more for the audience to empathise with his loss.

Rest of the cast including Poorna and Madhu Shalini have all delivered what was expected from them.

Vetrivel Mahendran’s camerawork is good and elevates the mood of the movie.

G V Prakash’s BGM adds more strength to every scene and is commendable.

Rating: 3.3/5