Vishwaroopam 2 run-time

Vishwaroopam 2 run-time and Kamal reveals more details about the film

It has emerged that Kamal Haasan’s long-pending Vishwaroopam 2, which is set to hit the screens on August 10, will run for 2 hours and 25 minutes.

The teasers and trailers have already gotten fantastic responsefrom the audience, who have been waiting for the last five years.

Touted to be an out-and-out action thriller, Vishwaroopam 2 is reported to be even more racier than the first part.

Talking about the movie, Kamal says, “My friend in the film business told me that senior Sivaji Ganesan played nine characters so if I play ten roles in one film, expectations would be huge. Once again, I suggested making Vishwaroopam to Manmadhan Ambu producer but he preferred a comedy. Finally, Raaj Kamal Films decided to produce Vishwaroopam on it its own.”

On the delay, the actor-filmmaker-politician says, “My producer Aascar Ravichandran had his own issues and the delay happened only because of him. Maybe, you should ask him and he might have a lot of stories to tell.”

Recently, a statement from Kamal Haasan’s office revealed the film’s synopsis.

It said: “The massive attack planned on New York City by Al-Qaeda Terrorist Omar Qureshi Was disrupted by an RAW Agent Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri.”

Stating that the Jihadis Omar And Saleem escape from New York City, it said Wisam is given the responsibility to eliminate Omar and his Jihadis.

“Omar and Saleem hurry to execute their international plot to defame three democracies in one day. Wisam plods through traps conspiracies murder mayhem gut gore and finally to victory.”

It added: “He thwarts an ingenious plot by Omar to wreak havoc on the independence day of India.”

Wisam lives to celebrate his independence. Omar and Saleem do not. Wisam mourns his brother’s but Nation comes first to a soldier.