Vishnu Vishal talks about what made him to share personal secrets

Vishnu Vishal had recently spoken in detail about how a divorce after 11 years of marriage, being away from his young son, stress, alcoholism, sleeplessness and an injury took a toll on his life.

Talking about what made him to reveal all those, he said now, “I wanted to share this with people because there might be so many like me out there, going through similar struggles.”

Speaking to TOI, the actor said, “When things go wrong, self-doubt turns into depression. It does not only mean locking yourself in the room and crying 24*7. I could be laughing and having fun on the outside, but I could be crumbling inside.”

“I took the Vaaranam Aayiram way,” he began his tweet recently, which was followed by a detailed statement and his transformation pictures.

I wish to share something about myself today. My journey so far has been a blessed one, marred by ups and downs just like anyone else’s. But the last two and a half years have been extremely difficult, filled with dark days and darker nights, he said.

He said that divorce after 11 years of marriage, being away from his young son, stress, alcoholism and sleeplessness all piled up and took a significant toll on his health, even to the extent of requiring surgery following an injury during a film shoot.

“I reached out for help, started therapy and underwent treatment for depression. Taking charge of my life, I started working out under a professional trainer, started eating healthy, restricted alcohol, practised yoga, cut judgmental people out of my life, blocked negative people on social media, spent more time with family, and a few close friends who always keep me in a positive state of mind. I started focusing on myself and my work,” he wrote.

He added: “To all those who had my back during this trying time, thank you. We did this together. P.S – Sorry for the long letter but i had to put my heart out to all my lovely fans and friends :)”