Vishal's nomination rejected at last, actor fumes

Vishal’s nomination rejected at last, actor fumes

After much drama, actor Vishal’s nomination at RK Nagar was rejected by by-poll officials around Tuesday midnight.

Earlier, they rejected it initially and accepted it later, after Vishal claimed that he had proof that those who proposed his name and denied doing so later were threatened by the ruling party.

However around midnight, an announcement was made by returning officer Velusamy that Vishal’s papers were rejected.

He said in a statement: “I conclude that required number of the propsers have not validly proposed the candidature of Vishal and that he had been proposed only by 8 valid proposers and hence he has not fulfilled the conditions for valid nomination.”

He added: “Therefore, I conclude that the nomination of Vishal is rejected upon my summary enquiry.”

Vishal posted on Twitter: “”Democracy at its lowest low !! Disheartening to hear that the nomination made by me was initially accepted & later when I left, has been announced as invalid.”

In another tweet, he said: “5th Dec 2016, #Amma died, 5th Dec, 2017, #Democracy died…. #SadReality #RIPDemocracy.”