Vishal, Soori have something to say to reviewers

Vishal, Soori have something to say to reviewers

Days after Vishal asked critics to publish online movie reviews only three days after the release of films, Soori has now made a request to critics.

“Today, every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a video camera has become reviewers and they are saying whatever they want in the name of reviews,” the comedian said.

He said further: “They should review as per their conscience. I agree that there is freedom of speech but they should not use words like ‘Poda’, ‘Vaada’ and harshly pass on comments about the film”.

In an interview to Hindu Tamil Thisai, he said, “I think someone has planned and degraded Seema Raja with such reviews because it’s not a bad film at all.”

“No one wants to make flop films. These reviewers should come to shooting spot and see how difficult it is to complete one scene,” he stated.

“They also say that we are making same kind of films but in your video, you are simply changing the movie title and actors names, all other things are same,” Soori added.

Requesting video reviewers to not drive away audiences through their reviews and save Tamil cinema, he added: “All the video reviewers are earning money only through films but why you want to destroy the industry with your reviews?”

A few days ago, speaking at a press interaction, Vishal urged film reviewers to share criticism only three days after the film’s release.

“I request the representatives of the press and media to review films three days after their release, and allow the film and its makers some much-needed breathing space,” he said.

“I know they are exercising their freedom of expression, but certain digital reviewers should show discretion,” he added.