Vishal says his name is being misused

Vishal says his name is being misused

In a video statement, Vishal has urged people not to believe in the rumors which are spreading in his name.

He said, “Hello everyone. There is a rumour circulating about me in social media on which I would like to clarify.”

The actor stated further: “I never claimed that police beating up the students was right anywhere, but a particular Facebook page in the name of Sagayam I.A.S. is spreading this fake rumor all around. This is not the time to play around as the issue is a very sensitive one.”

“Anyone can make use of this protest to gain publicity, but that is not my focus or idea. The Ordinance has been passed and the PCA act has also been amended and we are going to witness Jallikattu here after, but at this moment people are spreading fake rumors using my name.”

“This is wrong. This is not the platform to show your vengeance to me. You can attack me on another field, during some other time, but this is not the right time. I was never against the students protest. They are not only misusing my name, but also Sagayam sir’s. Don’t fall prey to this. Thanks.”