Vishal salutes Chennai police

Vishal salutes Chennai police

Vishal has appreciated the Chennai police force for arresting more than 70 rowdies at gunpoint, when they gathered for a birthday party.

In a statement, he said, “Truly inspired by the fantastic under cover operation by the Chennai City Police to arrest 67 Rowdies who were caught red handed with dangerous arms including pistols.”

“I humbly congratulate the Commissioner of Police, Mr AK Viswanathan for his great leadership & Deputy Commissioner Mr Sharvesh for this tremendous job,” he said further.

He added: “Amazing to know that such Police exist in real life which we are so used to see in reel life, hats off to these amazing real life heros !!”

The Tamil Film Producers Council president and South India Artistes Association general secretary wanted to contest in RK Nagar by-election. But his nomination was rejected by officials, it may be recalled.

In a scene straight from a commercial pot boiler,
a special team of police personnel arrested more than 60 rowdies at gun point, who have assembled to celebrate the birthday of a fellow history-sheeter.