Vishal, Mysskin to bury differences and resume work on Thupparivalan 2?

Director Mysskin walked out of Thupparivalan 2 after a dispute with Vishal, and the actor planned to take over the direction. Now, the latest report is that Vishal plans to bring back Mysskin for Thupparivalan 2.

According to sources, Vishal is considering collaborating again with Mysskin for Thupparivalan 2 as he feels that the director will be able to shape the film in a better way. However, there have been no confirmations from either the actor or the director.

A few months ago, following the rift between Vishal and Mysskin, which led to the former replacing the latter as director for Thupparivaalan 2, Vishal came forward with a statement clearing the air on what went wrong.

The actor also shared the first look of the upcoming film, posting, “#KaniyanPoonkundran & #Mano back in action again, this time, “Hunting in London.”

He listed out, among others, demands such as Rs 5 crore payment for Mysskin to direct the film. The letter also detailed various other demands from Mysskin namely, among others, rights to remake the film in Hindi language, transfer of intellectual property rights over the film’s title and character names to the director, a non-exclusivity clause that permits Mysskin to start work on other projects should shooting fail to happen or does not complete within 90 days of the start of second schedule, and an infringement clause which states that in the event of interference to Mysskin’s creative calls or if he or his staff be “insulted, abused threatened, ill-treated or anything that might disturb director’s psychology”, then he would “abandon” the project at that instance of said events occurring.

Reacting sharply, Mysskin had revealed that his script for Thupparivaalan 2 revolved around (possibly the robbery of) the Kohinoor diamond, and that he had conceptualised the movie to help Vishal with his debts, and even found a producer for the same.

“But Vishal wanted to produce it under his banner, even though it was an expensive project. I told him I’d write a different script that he could produce under 10 crores, and after his financial situation was stable, he could take on Thupparivaalan 3. But he was adamant.”

Mysskin then dismissed several claims that Vishal had made in his earlier posts against him, notably about Mysskin’s salary and the money he spent on filming. The filmmaker requested the media to ask for any proof for Vishal’s allegations before believing him.