Vishal goes to court against appointment of special officer to Producers Council

Vishal has filed a petition in the Madras High Court against the appointment of a special officer to the Tamil Film Producers Council.

Following accusations against Tamil Film Producers Council’s (TFPC) president and actor Vishal Krishna of mismanagement and financial irregularities by fellow members, a special officer has been appointed by the Registration department.

The government of Tamil Nadu has appointed a special officer named N Sekar to manage TPFC for a year. An election will be conducted again within next year and Sekar will handover things to the elected president.

N Sekar, District Registrar (Admin), who spearheaded the committee that submitted the report on the alleged irregularities in the functioning of the TFPC, has now been appointed as the special officer, who will be the deciding authority.

He will hold the position for a period of one year, during which time he will take decisions in all matters concerning the producers’ council.

Ever since Vishal and his team assumed charge of the Tamil Film Producers Council two years ago, problems have been brewing between them and the section of producers opposing them.

The issue peaked last December when Vishal’s rival producers protested in front of the council building, accusing the latter of mismanagement of funds and running the council for his own gains. They demanded Vishal to step down from his post immediately.