Vishal & Co takes charge at Producers Council

Vishal & Co takes charge at Producers Council

Today, a function is being held in the city, where the newly elected office-bearers of Tamil Film Producers Council, led by Vishal, will formally take charge.

A bitter battle in the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council that began nearly six months ago culminated on Sunday, with actor Vishal being elected to the post of President.

Vishal had run his election campaign on the platform of eliminating piracy, bringing down the costs of producing films and seeking subsidies from the state government.

Vishal and his team is planning to organize a grand Ilayaraja music concert to raise Rs 100 crore fund for Tamil Film Producers Council.

After meeting Ilayaraja, Vishal addressed the media: “This is the happiest event in my life. The half an hour we spent with Ilayaraja has given us the tonic to work hard for the next one year.

We are going to conduct a grand felicitation for Isaignani Ilayaraja. This will be the tribute conducted by the whole Indian Cinema.This will be the biggest tribute show ever. We will invite everyone from the film industry. The event will happen in Chennai only. That is a proud privilege for Chennai people. Because Raja sir, is living in the lives of all of us. We consider this as a lifetime opportunity and we thank Ilaiyaraja sir for that. The preparations for the function will begin from today”

Vishal earlier revealed that their team would invite SP Balasubrahmanyam for the event.

Till date, producers have worked only to produce their own films. But in our team, directors, actors, and producers have united and hence, we can achieve many good things, according to Pandiraj.