Vishal breaks silence about her marriage with Anisha

Vishal breaks silence about her marriage with Anisha

Though his father G K Reddy and others spoke about Vishal’s marriage with a Telugu girl called Anisha, the Nadigar Sangam secretary and Producers Council president remained silent so far.

However, reports have stated he had revealed that it is a love marriage and the two have been seeing each other for quite sometime.

Vishal was also quoted as saying that the two families are expected to meet this week and decide on the engagement date. An announcement on the same is expected to me made soon.

However, reacting to these reports, Vishal, breaking his silence on the issue for the first time, has come out with a tweet.

“Wondering how certain articles can carry wrong news and wrong details about my marriage. pls rectify. Not fair. This is my personal life and will be more than happy to announce all details about my marriage officially and happily soooooon. God bless,” he added.

Vishal was rumoured to be in a relationship with actress Varalaxmi. However, both the stars denied such rumours recently in separate interviews.

On the film front, Vishal is busy with the shoot of Ayogya and he will also begin shooting for Sundar C’s big-budget action thriller with Tamannaah.

According to reports, Vishal’s wedding with Anisha is likely to take place in April this year at the newly constructed Nadigar Sangam mandapam, which is a dream project of Vishal Krishna.