Vishal and his future wife talk about each other

It’s official at last and Vishal has announced that he would soon enter wedlock with Telugu actress Anisha Alla of Arjun Reddy fame.

Anisha, who posted a picture of her with Vishal on Instagram, said, “To the start of something new. Thank you all for everything you’ve done; Been a part of my growth, my learning, my observations, my inspiration, my truth, my hurt, my strength, my reason or all that has brought me to where I am today, who I am today.

Soon enough, I will be on a new journey and I yearn to live up to all of my dreams and goals and the challenges I have put up for myself.

I finally found somebody to go down the path of life with, loving him and life with true passion. I look up to this man for all that he stands for and for all of his heart.
I vow to give back to him, the families and the people around with this step forward. I vow to be the best that I can be, intention towards collective learning, love and moral value.”

Replying to a hate post, she said, “If you think it was money that made Vishal fall for me, clearly you have no respect for who he is. Keep a little faith in life sometimes, it goes a long way .. take care.”

For his part, Vishal said, “Yes.. happy. Too happy. Happiest. Her name s #AnishaAlla. And yes she said yes. And it’s confirmed. My next biggest transition in life.😬😬😬😬❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 will be announcing the date soon. God bless.”

Recently, Vishal tweeted about media reports about his wedding: “Wondering how certain articles can carry wrong news and wrong details about my marriage. pls rectify. Not fair. This is my personal life and will be more than happy to announce all details about my marriage officially and happily soooooon. God bless.”