Violence y College Students: Top Cop Issues Strict Warning

Following the arrest of six students for possessing weapons on the first day of the college reopening on Monday, the Additional Commissioner (Law and Order) of North Chennai MC Sarangan today visited Presidency College to inspect the security arrangements put up at the campus.

During his visit, Sarangan told reporters, “We have instructed all the college campuses to keep a check on the students.”

He said that former students who enter the campus with weapons will face severe action from the police department. “Parents should also watch their wards and prevent them from being misled,” he added.

As various arts and science colleges reopened in the city on Monday, the police briefly detained around 110 college students for creating “public nuisance” in buses and other public places.

Besides, six students were arrested as they were found carrying sickles and swords on their way to college.
The police released the students only after their parents gave a written undertaking that their wards would not display such behaviour in future.

The college principals and their parents were called in to the police station and the students were let off with a warning.

The police, on Saturday, had released circulars to all government colleges in the city to monitor the behaviour of the students since the colleges were reopening on Monday.