Vikram insulted Indians in US?

Vikram insulted Indians in US?

Veteran US-based Indian journalist Prakash M Swamy has come down heavily on actor Vikram for allegedly being disrespectful to Indians during his recent visit to New York.

In a Facebook post, he said, “We are disappointed with you Vikram. We did not invite you to New York to be disrespectful to Indians, keep talking on cell phone and do texting without greeting your fans and friends while on the float.”

Swamy said: “He exhibited arrogant behavior laced with attitude when even his co-star Abishek Bachchan was down to earth friendly and shook hands with all his fans.”

We actually wanted to invite Prabhu Deva but he had schedule clash and this dude put out his fans with his clumsy cheap attitude of not greeting his fans, he said.

Compare this with the previous Tamil grand marshals of the India Day parade the past – AR Rahman and Sarath Kumar and Radikaa Sarathkumar who were down to earth never got tired of posing for photos or meeting fans and they were literally mobbed unlike some 30 or 40 people who came near Vikram
people still remember Sarath Kumar in New York for his kindness and genuine affection towards people and he never faked, he added.

Is he bigger than Sarath Kumar in stature and seniority? and he used the title and insisted on printing him as South Indian Super Star – crap

He does not deserve to be invited to any event abroad as he thinks himself like Rajinikanth and Shah Rukh Khan in popularity

You are not invited in Air India First Class ticket to do ‘sight’ seeing and indulgence at the cost of hard to get sponsorships. Shame on you and you brought SHAME to our country industry and especially Tamil Nadu with your arrogance attitude and ego as a star, he concluded.