Vijeesh Mani’s Sanskrit film ‘Namo’ to be screened in Goa International Film Festival

Director Vijeesh Mani’s Sanskrit film ‘Namo’ to be screened in Goa International Film Festival on 22nd January. Renowned actor Jayaram plays a pivotal role in this film. Also, joins the crew actor Venkat Subbu. Vijesh Mani has written the story as well as has directed the film.
Coming to Vijeesh Mani’s roots, he hails from Kerala. He has proved himself as producer and Director in the industry. He has worked as a production controller in many films. 
So far he has directed 5 films. 2 films are in Malayalam, one in Sanskrit, one in Irula language and one in Kurumba a language not know to many. 
In all his films he has tried his hands in something new, afresh or challenging. Because of which he has won many accolades. He has entered the world of Guiness Records.
Vijeesh Mani’s first film was in Malayalam language. Named ‘Vishwaguru’ it is a biographical film based on the life of Narayana Guru. This movie got released in 2017.  Directed by Vijeesh Mani it was co-produced with A.V.Anoop, owner of Medimix Soap company. The film was made and released in 51 hours. The entire process of writing the script, filming, censor, Advertising was done in the stipulated 51 hours. The film was recorded in Guinness World Records as the fastest film produced.
His next project in 2018, was also in Malayalam.The film was titled ‘Puzhayamma’. It was produced by Gokulam Gopalan and directed by Vijeesh Mani. The film is completely shot in a river. It is an environmental awareness film. This got a prestigious place in Asian Book of Records.
In 2019, he directed a film in Irula language. The film was titled ‘Netaji’. Johnny Kuruvilla produced the film. This film was selected for featuring in Indian Panorama section of IFFI Goa 2019. This film entered Guinness record for Tribal language film. 
Above all he has directed a film in a least popular language Kurumba. Sohan Roy has produced this film. The film has been titled as Mmmmm.
Now, his Sanskrit movie ‘Namo’ is selected to be screened in the Indian Panorama section of IFFI Goa, 2020