Vijayalakshmi turns lyricist for husband

Vijayalakshmi turns lyricist for husband

Vijayalakshmi of Chennai 28 fame who is producing her husband Feroz’s Pandigai with Krishna and Anandhi in the lead, has penned a song for the film.

Says Feroz, “She co-wrote the film with me and has also penned a song. She’s very good at Tamil poetry and keeps writing now and then. We needed a song for an important sequence and she wrote a beautiful song for the film.”

Speaking about the film, Feroz says, “Krishna plays a street-fighter and his character has had a rough childhood after being abandoned by his parents. He grows up in an environment where violence is the answer for everything.

He gets entangled in a gang who conducts illegal bet fights. How he comes out of the gang and realises that violence is not the right way forms the crux.”

The film involves several risky stunt sequences. We shot those scenes with Krishna without a body double. In the process of filming, he got hurt several times, says Feroz.

The makers of the film initially narrated the script to Vikram Prabhu, but his unavailability meant that Kreshna was signed on to play the lead role, with Nithin Sathya and Karunas selected to essay supporting roles. Pandigai began shoot in early June 2015, with Anandhi added to the cast to play the heroine.