Vijayalakshmi slams Seeman from hospital

Actress Vijayalakshmi, who on Sunday attempted suicide and was hospitalised later, has released a video from the hospital bed, in which she has thanked who supported her and slammed Naam Tamizhar chief coordinator Seeman.

“Everyone has saved me. I’m OK. Your love, in some form, saved me. But I don’t know how people like Seeman can play politics with the life of someone who has lost the will to live and wants to die and enjoy.

I was very serious yesterday about not wanting to live further. Many friends spoke to me this morning, and I thank them all. But saying that I’m a stooge of a political party is very bad. Then, no one will respect Indians. Try to be more human.

Nothing was drama. I have not been given food since yesterday afternoon. I’ve been vomiting. There have been a lot of changes in my BP and heart rate. I’m struggling a lot. No one will do this even if they are offered crores. I was really vexed. I love you all.

I’m so sick of Seeman. I don’t know if he is human or an animal. I live for the sake of you all. Please do not politicise this issue. Don’t play with someone’s life. No one will take such risks and try to die. I am especially not such a cheap person.”

All of you are praying for me. Thank you. I’m already under mental pressure, so please do not write obscenely about this issue. I have lots of love and respect on you all. I will soon recover and get back to all of you. So, please take care. Thank you,” she said.

Vijayalakshmi on Sunday attempted suicide following social media bullying by the followers of Naam Tamizhar party and accused its leader Seeman for mental harassment.

She has been admitted to a hospital at Adyar in Chennai where a Magistrate reportedly received a statement from her. Based on this, police will initiate action.

She has also urged that Seeman and Panankattu Padai’s (a popular political outfit) Hari Nadar be arrested for harassing her over difference of opinions.