Vijay Sethupathi to donate Rs 50 lakh for education

Vijay Sethupathi has signed an endorsement deal with ‘Anil  Group’ and donated a part of his remuneration to the student community.
He said in a statement, “Ariyallur is the most backward district when it comes to education and the infrastructure. There are 774 for Anganvadis in the district, for which an amount of 5000 will be donated per campus. (38,70,000/-).”
He said further: “Another share will be donated to 10 blind schools, 11 Schools for the Deaf from Tamil Nadu; rupees 50,000 for each campus. (10,50,000/- ).A total amount of 49,20,000/- will be donated to the government of Tamil Nadu.”
The funds will be distributed to the above mentioned institutions via the state government. The amount will be donated to the government in the memory of late Anitha, the student from Ariyalur district, a victim to the Neat exam issue, he concluded.
PMK founder S Ramadoss and others have appreciated Vijay Sethupathi for his decision to donate close to Rs 50 lakh for education.