Vijay gets an emotional letter from his mom

Vijay’s mother, singer and producer Shobha Chandrasekhar, has penned an emotional letter to her son, hailing his achievements in film industry.

In the letter, which she has penned for a magazine, Shobha says, “A newborn child will first move in the hands of the midwife and then reach towards the heart of its mother and she will kiss his forehead.  

But the child that I begot today is crawling in the hearts of millions of mothers and fans.  They celebrate you as their leader (Thalapathy) and what more can I pen after seeing this stage.”

Shobha states further: Right from the time you held my hand and walked and all that has transpired till now namely the highs and lows of your career my heart begins to melt and I am at a loss as to how to convert my emotions into words.
Even at an age when the meaning of peace and silence could not be comprehended, you were the epitome of both and when my heart overflows but there is no pen that could use that as ink to write.”

She adds: “Recollecting the time when you stopped your crying and first started smiling and today when your heart is flooded with the love of your fans and you break into a smile, I am falling short of words and cannot borrow them to write for this magazine even though you have earned me millions of wealth.  

In short following M.K. Thiagaraja Bhagavathar, MGR and Rajinikanth the people of Tamil Nadu are waiting to embrace you as their next superstar and I too have forgotten that am your mother and joining those millions I too have started whistling loudly for you.”