Vijay Antony is next is Kolaikaaran

Known for acting in films with quirky titles, music composer-turned-actor Vijay Antony is at it again. His next film has been titled Kolaikaaran.

Shooting for the movie is expected to commence soon. Meanwhile, his Kaali will hit the screens this weekend and he is optimistic about his success.

Speaking to reporters, he said, “Director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi is very talented, she said that I rejected her first story but I loved both the scripts.”

He added: “I turned down the first one is because the story wouldn’t suit me but other heroes can give it a chance, it’s a good script.”

Vijay Antony added: “Media had previously said I was not comfortable in romantic portions but in this film, I’ve improved a lot.”

Vijay Antony, Anjali, Sunaina, Amritha Aiyer and Shilpa Manjunath play key roles in Kaali. Produced by Fatima Vijay Antony, the film began production during March 2017.

Soundtrack was composed by Vijay Antony. Lyrics for the song were penned by Vivek.

After tasting back-to-back success with films such as Pichaikkaran, Saithan and Yaman, Vijay Antony is now looking forward for Kaali.