Vignesh Shivan’s tribute to Ajith

Filmmaker Vignesh Shivan shared a mash-up for upcoming Ajith’s birthday (May 1) on his Twitter account.

Along with that mashup, the Thaana Serndha Koottam and Naanum Rowdy Dhaan director also posted that we are fighting against COVID-19 with never ever give up attitude and let we hope that it gets over soon.

“Never ever give up! that’s how we’r all fighting this time against #covid19 wit a lot of hope that it’s all gonna be over soon! Sending some positivity by  Bringing in #Thala #Ajith ‘s upcoming Birthday wit this Super #ThalaBirthdayMashup by @a2studoffl,” he posted.

Ajith recently made it to the headlines for donating Rs 1.25 crore for coronavirus relief efforts. The actor, who will be celebrating his birthday on May 1, will turn 49 this year. His fans have planned many activities on social media to celebrate his birthday.

According to reports, Ajith has personally requested his spokesperson to convey his decision of not celebrating his birthday during the novel coronavirus pandemic. He also requested fellow celebrities to not involve in any activities, originally planned by his fan clubs.

However, Ajith’s fan clubs have requested actors Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Aadhav Kannadasan to release a poster, which will be used as a display picture by thousands of fans.

Shanthanu wrote on Twitter: “Got a request frm #Thala Ajith sirs’ office that he req personally not to release any CDP¬ to celebrate his bday during dis pandemic! I Respect his request, the ‘Gentleman’ that he is. Nevertheless,we will all def wish him on his bday&personally celebrate.”

Aadhav Kannadhasan posted: “Dear #Thala Fans Got a call from #Ajith sir’s office requesting not to hav any common DP for his bday and celebrate it during #Corona It was his personal request! As a fan and as a fellow actor & human would like to respect his words! @Thalafansml @ThalaFansClub @SureshChandraa.”

He added: “Asked if i can tweet this and explain .. they said yes pls.. you can do that and tell them. Let us all wish everyone a healthy life during this pandemic. Thala was kind enough to request us so let us respect his words! Thank you all”.