Venkaiah Naidu hails Kadaikutty Singam

Venkaiah Naidu hails Kadaikutty Singam

Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu has watched Chinnababu, the Telugu version of Karthi-starrer Kadaikutty Singam and hailed the whole team for presenting a film with cultural values.

In a Tamil tweet, he said, “சமீபத்தில் தெலுங்கு மொழியில் வெளியான “சின்னபாபு” (தமிழில் “கடைக்குட்டி சிங்கம்”) திரைப்படத்தைப் பார்த்தேன். கிராமத்து பசுமை பின்னணியில், நம் பழக்க வழக்கங்களை, மரபுகளை மற்றும் வாழ்க்கை முறையை, ஆபாசம் இல்லாமல் காட்டிய சுவாரசியமான நல்ல படம். #KadaiKuttySingam #Chinababu @Karthi_Offl”.

He also posted tweets in Telugu hailing the movie and the team behind it. Following this, the film’s producer and Karthi’s elder brother Suriya thanked Naidu.

“Sir truly honoured!! A leader of your stature took time to pay attention to our efforts means the world to us…” the Singam and 7am Arivu actor posted on his Twitter page.

Suriya, who owns 2D Entertainment, said, “Our team is overwhelmed by your gesture and inspired to make cinema a value based entertainment…🙏🏼 #ChinnaBabu #KadaiKuttySingam.”

Directed by Pandiraj of Pasanga fame, Kadaikutty Singam and its Telugu version Chinnababu hit the screens on Friday last and went on to win commercial success and critical acclaim.