VELAMMAL First Ever Fictional Period Drama on Tamil Television

Launches on 12 April 2021  Mon – Sat 6 pm

STAR VIJAY after some pathbreaking successes in television serials namely Pandian Stores, Bharathi Kannamma, Bhagyalakshmi, Mouna Raagam etc., and in the non-fiction front viz Bigg Boss, Cook with Comali, and so on, is now proudly launching a fictional period drama titled VELAMMAL.


In a land where we pay tribute to the heroics of some of the greatest warrior queens of our country, the story of Velammal depicts an interesting and a profound bravery of a young princess who was born in a Royal family. 

The story revolves around Velammal.  When the whole kingdom was expecting for a boy child, to be a successor to the throne, Velammal a girl child was born much to the dismay of the entire palace.  She grows up believing that she was responsible for her father’s bad luck and she craves for his acceptance and affection.  When she was trained in dance & music by the family Velammal discretely learns the art and skills of warfare and swordplay.  The story unfolds the struggles and the consequences she faces during her fight for the love and the kingdom.  Will Velammal be able to win the heart of the king and save the kingdom from the enemies forms the rest of the story. 

VELAMMAL is one of the biggest productions and the most prestigious show ever made in Tamil Television.  Star Vijay proudly presents this fictional period drama in an exceptional magnificence. 

The casting includes prominent names such as Ambika a predominant heroine of 80’s, actor Vignesh, O.A.K. Sundar, Mouna Raagam fame Krithika (Sakthi), Thamara Bharani Banu, Ramya, Reshma, Ramji, Karate Raja and many others. 

Don’t miss to watch this unique television drama VELAMMAL that launches on 12 April 2021 airing Monday to Saturday at 6 pm only on STAR VIJAY.