Veetla Vishesham movie review


RJ Balaji is a biology school teacher who is happy with his life.

His father Sathyaraj works in the Railways, and is a stingy person. One day, Balaji’s mother Urvashi becomes pregnant, and the entire family is embarrassed about it.

How they deal with this unexpected pregnancy forms the plot of the film.


RJ Balaji and the screenplay writers have kept the proceedings very close to reality.

Urvashi is the star of the show and is impressive in her role. She gets into the skin of the character to make the feel her emotions.

Sathyaraj comes as a a father who does not want to face any problem and does not even raise his voice at any situation.

RJ Balaji suits his role well and stays true to the character.

Aparna Balamurali does not get much to do but shines in the limited scope that she has got.

The biggest positive of the movie is that it does not get preachy at any point.

Girissh Gopalakrishnan’s music is fresh and compliments the movie well.

Rating: 3.6/5