Veerappanin Ghajana – King of the Jungle

“Veerappanin Ghajana” to amuse kids with lots of fun and fantasy

Forest and Humans have been inseparable even before the occurrence of civilization occurred. Before the mansions and palaces took its origin, Forest was the home for human race and this is a substantial reason behind our fascination for forests even after thousands of years our ancestors departed to the cities, towns and villages. In particular, kids have an unconditional affinity towards this domain of flora and fauna as it amalgamates their imaginations as most of their bedtime stories have forests are backdrops.  Apparently, Veerappanin Ghajana encapsulates the entertainment ingredients like fantasy, comedy and thriller.  

Talk about forest in Tamil Nadu, it instantly lets everyone connect with Veerappan, who is acclaimed as the ‘Guardian of Forest’ by many. Significantly, the film with these elements as base is getting shaped up at brisk pace. The scenes involving the character of Veerappan will be one of the intriguing attractions in this movie. Besides, the presence of Tiger, monkey and elephants throughout the film will amuse the audiences with fun and entertainment.

Debutant Yazin is making his directorial debut with this film, which is co-written by filmmaker Sy Gautham Raj (director of Jyotika starrer “Raatchasi” fame) and Prabadish samz. It is worth mentioning that Prabhathis Shaams is producing this film for the banner of Four Squares Studios.

The film has an ensemble star-cast comprising Yogi Babu, Mottai Rajendran, Rajesh, Deva, Pooja, Jeevitha and many more familiar young actors. The film will be a 100% treat for universal audiences, especially families and kids. The shooting of Veerappanin Ghajana is briskly proceeding at various places across Tamil Nadu like Thenkasi, Kuttralaam and Nagercoil.

With the shooting close on the heels of completion, the makers will be releasing Veerappanin Ghajana in theatres.

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