Vathals from Spirit of the Earth

Vathals from Organic Heritage Rice

Spirit of the Earth presents its first batch of vathals for this year. Using organic heritage rice from our farm in Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, the specialty of these vathals is that they are handmade, sun-dried and organic.

In terms of preparation, we resorted to the traditional and time-tested methods. The vathals were sundried in terraces for a week on plain white cloth. For the first batch, heritage rice varieties from Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Kerala were used in the preparation.

These vathals can be stored up to a year in airtight containers – or you can serve it with you next meal – and watch your families take an extra helping and also hear that sharp, audible crunch with every bite!


Our vathals include:

Jeeragashala Thattu Vathal    Garudan Champa Murukku Vathal    Kerala Sundari Murukku Vathal  

Kerala Sundari Killu Vathal    Perungkar Koozhu Vathal

The vathals are priced at Rs.70 for 100 gms. Due to the lockdown, there is only limited stock available.

Please call us at 95000 82142 and pre-book your order before visiting the store.

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