After Vardah, many areas yet to get power, water

After Vardah, many areas yet to get power, water

Three days after Cyclone Vardah left a trail of devastation in Chennai and other districts, public services have been partially restored.

Still, many areas, especially suburbs, are left without power and electricity.

As over 8,500 trees lay uprooted on 12 December, the Tamil Nadu civic authorities and the rescue team were in high gear. The uprooted trees have bee removed, the arterial roads have been cleared, and work is on full swing.

The 5,000 electricity polls have been destroyed by the cyclone in Kanchipuram and another 4,000 in Tiruvallur. Close to 500 electricity transformers have been crushed in Chennai by fallen trees.

Officials at the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited said that the priority was to give power to residential areas and later to commercial and industrial zones.

People could not make digital payments or swipe their cards at POS outlets due to absence of connectivity. A small number of ATMs could be seen dispensing cash and serpentine queues were seen in front of these machines.