Varalaxmi alleges harassment by TV channel head

Varalaxmi alleges harassment by TV channel head

Just a few days after the molestation of Bhavana in Kerala, actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has alleged harassment by a top official of a TV channel.

She said in her social media feed that the programming head of a leading TV channel made unwanted overtures to her during an official meeting. When she got the glimpse of his intentions, she said she immediately asked him to get out.

“A common reaction from people, both in the industry and outside when they hear things like this is to say, ‘film industry is like this. You knew so when you joined,” she said.

She added: “Why complain now or act supposed?. My response is this, I didn’t come to the industry to be treated like a piece of meat or to follow the standards of exploitation of women already practised.”

“I love acting. It’s my profession of choice. I work hard and i’m good at my work. I certainly do not want to choose either option of ‘put up with or quit,” she said.

“If we don’t act now ‘safety for women’ will be just a dream and we will never remove the word rape from our society. I will not stay silent. I urge all my sisters and friends to do the same. You are not alone,” she said.