Varalakshmi slams Vishal, says she has lost her respect for him

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar has come down heavily on Vishal, who is contesting for the post of general secretary in Nadigar Sangam polls, for targeting her father, Sarath Kumar even though he is not involved in the elections this time.

Varalakshmi said, “Dear Vishal, I’m saddened and shocked at how low you have stooped down in your recent election campaign video.. any respect I have left for you is now gone..

It’s so sad to see you harp on my father’s past especially when you have NOT been able to prove squat.. since you keep saying the law is the highest.. according to that same law any person is innocent until proven guilty..

If he was guilty he would have been sentenced by now .. So have some class and grow up.. when you make such cheap videos it shows your class can’t blame you, I guess cos that’s the way u have been brought up..

Let’s not behave like you are saint.. I think we all know your double standards and your lies. If you were such a saint I don’t think people from your own so called pandavar ani would have left and created a group just to bring you down.

If you are so proud of what you have done why don’t you showcase that instead of bringing down my dad when he’s not even involved this time. so many people can’t be wrong about you ..

All this time I respected you and I have been there for you as friend always. Now you have taken it too’s so sad instead of making a positive video about the things you have achieved you resorted to the lowest form of campaigning.

Well, I guess you are a true actor at least off screen after all..!! Like you say I really hope the truth prevails.. Well, you just lost my vote. God bless.”

In the video, a voice-over says that it will be hard to forget the period when both supporting artistes and theatre artistes had suffered due to the selfishness of certain people.