Vanam movie review

Vetri is a college student whose institution is located inside a forest.

A documentary filmmaker Smruthi Venkat comes to shoot about the college’s sculptures department.

Smruthi is also a childhood crush of Vetri. Meanwhile, Vetri along with his friends move to a room where a painter had committed suicide.

Soon Vetri’s friends start dying one by one.

Vetri and Smruthi set out to find the mystery behind their death.

What happens next forms the crux of the story.


Director Anand  follows the regular horror movie template with the ghost having a flashback.

However, he has made it with the angle of incarnation which is interesting.

Vetri is his usual self and does what was expected from him. Smruthi Venkat does her part well.

However it is Vela Ramamoorthy and Alagam Perumal who steal the show.

Anu Sithara is used well in the flashback. Music by Ron Ethan Yohan is good.

Cinematography for the movie is passable.

Rating 3/5