Vairamuthu talks about Pollachi issue, Chinmayi calls him predator again

Close on the heels of lyricist Vairamuthu, against whom she made serious sexual charges, spoke about Pollachi sex crime issue at a public event, singer Chinmayi has once again come down heavily against him.

“What a massive image rebuilding exercise of a known open secret of a Predator. Idha dhaan sonnen(This is what I said). How are people actually having the conscience of letting him pontificate on sexual harassment?!” Chinmayi, who is also a dubbing artiste, said.

“This man asked for a ‘compromise’ through a Director’s office and said he would send an apology when the first tweets broke out. If I had been street smart, I should have taken the apology, or recorded the call and released it,” she said.

“That would have been the ‘proof’. For days the majority of the outlets of local Tamil Media did not want to even report on my own experience of Sexual harassment against Mr Vairamuthu,” she added.

Chinmayi further said: “Mr V actively muzzled all criticism against him by popular influencers. The way these people are going they’ll appoint Mr Vairamuthu as the Minister for Women and Child Development / Welfare or something.

They asked all TOUGH questions are reserved FOR Victims alone. To this date Not ONE question has been asked of him.ts been weeks since I filed a legal complaint and there hasn’t been one enquiry! This despite everyone yelling I am ‘influential’; ‘things happen for me’. THEY DONT. The predators are always protected. Please laugh at political parties that promise women’s safety.”